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9 Signs That You’ve Been Golfing Too Much

GolfTooMuch 9 Signs That Youve Been Golfing Too Much

Now I know what you’re thinking “golfing too much”? Are you crazy? There’s no such thing! But yes, there are some signs maybe you’ve been golfing too much.

Golfing too much? 9 signs that you might be:

1. You start dressing like Tiger Woods. Sure, Tiger wears some bad ass golf clothes but if you consistently wear a Tiger Sunday red golf shirt with black pants and sunglasses every time you play, it may be a bit much. Especially if you’re just going to a practice course like Centennial.

2.You Actually Think That You’re Becoming a Pro. Don’t get me wrong, we’re all for following your dreams, and believe that anything can be achieved when you put your mind to it. However, there are also those out there that get so competitive that they think they’re rank #1 in the PGA. Most likely you won’t become a pro by being a weekend golfer. Just saying. Unless your shooting in consistently in the low 80′s and starting to hit the 70′s, you’re still a long ways away. Oh, and foot wedges aren’t allowed on the scorecard.

3. You’re forced to start sleeping on the couch. If you’ve been demoted to the couch from your significant other because of how much time you’re spending at the golf course, you may want to cut back a little. Even if you have a nice lazy boy couch, don’t let it ruin your relationship. Always family first.

4. Hand cramps. If you’re starting to get hand cramps, or your concerned that you may be getting arthritis in your hands, you may want to get that checked out. When you tell the doctor that you play 9 rounds a week, don’t be shocked with their diagnosis.

5. Your broke. If you’re working just to pay for your next round, you have a golf addiction. There’s technically no type of meeting that you can go to in order to solve this problem, but just take my word for it. You have a problem.

6. Everybody knows your name. “Norm!” If you’re familiar with the show Cheers, you know that when Norm walks in the bar everyone knows his name. If this reminds you of when you go to the golf course, you may be spending a little too much time there. It’s nice to be recognized by name, but if everyone, including the janitor talks to you like you’re old high school buddies, this may be a bit extreme. Especially if this happens at pretty much every course you visit. Members are excluded from this one.

7. You’re now talking to yourself ALL the time. Now me personally, when I golf I tend to have a full out conversation with myself, but once the round is over I’m back to my normal self. If you continue to talk to yourself all the time outside of playing golf, you may be golfing too much. You may also be creeping people out.

8. You’ve played every course. After browsing through our list of courses, you see that you’ve already played every course, twice! I’m jealous if that’s the case.

9. You need to re-grip your clubs again. You shouldn’t have to re grip your clubs more than once a season. If you do, you’re either golfing too much or gripping the club very strangely.

These are the 9 signs that you’ve been golfing too much. I’m a definitely a little jealous if you actually golf more more than you work, but just remember that there are more important things in life. Actually, now that I think about it, there’s not – just kidding. Try to keep a good balance in your life and happy golfing everyone!

Are you golfing too much? Did I miss any other signs? Please comment below.

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Written by Shawn Dannemann