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Keeping Your Golf Game in Shape During the Off-Season

GolfTips Keeping Your Golf Game in Shape During the Off Season

Off-season sucks. But that’s life in this great country of ours.

Going through winter months without being able to hit the course can cause some serious golf withdrawal. But that doesn’t mean you need to let your body get out of shape and have your game rust up before spring.

Here are some tips you can practice at home:

Try setting up a practice station, perhaps in your basement or garage. It doesn’t require a lot of room, really. All you need are your clubs and perhaps a large mirror to watch your form as you practice your golf swing. Maintain your stance. posture and technique. Throughout the winter it is beneficial to keep practicing your swing, to improve your form and flexibility. Try to get someone to film your swing so you have something to review after, and know what to work on. Just swinging the club will keep your muscles warm all winter but you might as well try to learn as much as possible while swinging.

There is always the option to purchase a driving net which can be great for working on your driving at home.

Your short game can be easily practiced as well. There are indoor putting stations for sale which include artificial putting surfaces. You can even work on your chipping indoors by setting up a target such as a large bucket. Get creative and have fun. It’s all about curing those winter golf blah’s we all know too well.

Of course, you’ll want to be careful of where you’re practicing indoors. Flat screens are expensive to replace.

Winter tends to turn us into couch potatoes… hey, we love football Sundays just as much as the next guy. But we need to keep in mind that maintaining your health, flexibility, stamina and strength throughout the winter will always result in a better outing once spring rolls around.

Finally, don’t forget that you can always get out of the house, and head to an indoor golf facility. The demand for indoor golf facilities have never been higher, golfers now have many indoor choices open throughout the winter. Check out local indoor practice facilities like golf domes and simulators. Even indoor mini putt is a great way to work on your putting skills during the off-season.

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Written by Shawn Dannemann